The Best Jewelry Rings for Her on Valentine’s Day 2023

Valentine’s Day is all about romance and showing your loved one how much you care. There’s no better way to do that than by gifting her a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry. Rings are a classic Valentine’s gift that never goes out of style. This year, opt for a ring that reflects her unique style and personality.

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Valentine’s Day is all about romance and showing your loved one how much you care. There’s no better way to do that than by gifting her a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry. Rings are a classic Valentine’s gift that never goes out of style. This year, opt for a ring that reflects her unique style and personality.

Popular Ring Styles for Valentine’s Day

When choosing a ring for Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of popular styles to consider:

Heart-Shaped Rings

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a heart. Heart-shaped rings are extremely romantic and perfect for celebrating the holiday of love. Go for a classic solid gold or silver heart ring accented with tiny diamonds. A dainty heart ring with a petite diamond is timeless and elegant. Or for something more modern, try a heart outlined in pave diamonds or colored gemstones.

Birthstone Rings

A birthstone ring personalized with her month’s gemstone is thoughtful and cherished. Choose a solitaire, three-stone, or halo ring featuring her birth month’s stone. For February babies, an amethyst or pearl ring would be fitting. Consult a birthstone color chart to determine her birthstone if you’re unsure.

Stackable Rings

Stacking multiple thin bands together is a huge jewelry trend right now. Gift her a few slender diamond, gold, or gemstone rings to mix and match into unique stacked combinations. Go for complimentary designs that coordinate together seamlessly.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

Vintage glamour never goes out of style. Look for art deco-style rings with filigree detailing or intricate engravings for an romantic old-world feel. Emerald cuts and marquise shapes also have a nod to vintage designs. Opt for rose or yellow gold settings rather than white gold or silver for a truly timeless look.

Materials for Valentine’s Day Rings

The metal and materials used for her ring will influence the style and overall look. Consider these popular options:


Nothing epitomizes classic luxury like gold jewelry. Yellow gold is having a major fashion moment right now. The warm, shiny tone complements all skin tones. Meanwhile, rose gold provides an ultra-feminine pinkish metal that feels both modern and romantic. And a solitaire diamond in a white gold basket setting has timeless appeal.


Sterling silver rings offer shine and sparkle on a budget. They go with both gold and platinum jewelry so they make great stackable rings. Opt for a gemstone silver ring accented with delicate filigree engravings. Or a simple slim silver band ring with a small diamond detail for an elegant look.

Alternative Metals

For something unique, choose an alternative metal like platinum or titanium for her ring. Platinum is extremely high end – it’s rarer than gold and has a silvery-white tone. Titanium has a gorgeous gunmetal grey color and is very durable (perfect for an active woman). These unconventional metals elevate basic ring designs.

Gemstones for Valentine’s Day Rings

Adding colored gemstones or diamonds to a ring amplifies its beauty and symbolism. Certain stones also carry special meanings, making them ideal for a Valentine’s Day gift.


Diamondsnever go out of style. They convey deep love and commitment, making them perfect for Valentine’s Day. Halo-styles and three-stone rings really maximize the sparkle. Or give her earrings, necklaces and bracelets featuring diamonds and coordinating jewelry sets will always be appreciated.


Rubies represent passion and vitality. Their stunning crimson hue looks amazing in any ring setting. Opt for a solitaire ruby, a ring accented with tiny rubies, or stackable ruby bands. If authentic rubies are out of your budget, lab-created and ruby alternatives like garnet or tourmaline have a similar look.


Sapphires symbolize trust and sincerity. Their classic blue color is regal and feminine. Sapphire rings with diamond halos are one of the most popular engagement ring styles right now. If blue isn’t her style, pink sapphires for Valentine’s Day provide a fun pop of color.

Customization Options for Valentine’s Day Rings

Adding a personalized touch to her ring makes the gift even more meaningful. Here are wonderful customization options to consider:


Have a special message or date engraved inside the band to make it uniquely hers. Engrave a romantic quote, special anniversary date, or cute pet names. Keep the font small and simple to maximize space. Inside engraving adds sentimental value without impacting the style.


Incorporate multiple birthstones into one ring for a personalized and colorful look. Arrange her birthstone and the birthstones of loved ones (children, spouse, parents) into a 3-stone ring or colorful stackable set. A rainbow of birthstones is both fun and symbolic.


Have your fingerprint scanned and engraved onto the inside of the ring for an incredibly romantic gesture. While visible to her, the engraved print will remain a secret treasure. It’s a deeply intimate and sweet way to always be close even when apart.

Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Rings

Beautiful rings don’t have to blow your budget. There are plenty of wallet-friendly options that still feel luxe:

Sterling Silver

Opt for sterling silver over pricier metals like platinum or gold. Silver is very affordable and you can find high-quality silver rings from fine jewelry brands. Ignore the idea that silver is somehow “cheap” – it has a gorgeous shine and pairs well with diamonds.

Gemstone Alternatives

Skip the diamonds and rubies for more affordable gemstone options with similar sparkle. White topaz, cubic zirconia, and crystal replicas emulate the look of diamonds for less. Swarovski also makes spectacular sparkling crystals. Lab-created ruby is also an economical option that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Minimalist Styles

A dainty ring with simple, minimalist styling tends to cost less than bold statement pieces. Skinny diamond bands, small solitaires, and thin plain metal rings have an understated elegance without the sticker shock. Delicate doesn’t have to mean cheap.

Sales Shopping

Be sure to scope out major sales around the holidays at jewelers and department stores. You can often score deep discounts on jewelry during seasonal sales and take advantage of promotions like free engraving. Sign up for emails and rewards programs for access to special offers and exclusive savings.

High-End Valentine’s Day Rings

For those wishing to splurge on something extra luxurious here are some decadent indulgences she’ll adore:

Diamond Halos

Frame the center diamond in a halo or pave border of tiny diamonds. The additional sparkle amplifies the center stone for maximum brilliance. Go big with a 2-3 carat diamond centerpiece surrounded in a halo – the ultimate luxury statement.

Three-Stone Rings

This elegant style features three gemstones in a row, often with a larger center stone. Opt for all diamonds, her birthstone, or complementary gemstone colors. Three-stone rings have a timeless, sophisticated look and the price reflects the extra stones.

Colored Diamonds

Natural fancy colored diamonds in hues like yellow, pink, or blue exude pure decadence. Combined with white diamonds, the pops of color are seriously eye catching. Colored diamonds are among the rarest in the world, commanding extremely high prices.

Vintage & Antique

For something truly unique, look for vintage or antique rings from eras like art deco or Victorian. Period jewelry has outstanding craftsmanship and quality that gives it enduring value. Expect to pay premium prices for these true vintage statement pieces.

Best Places to Buy Valentine’s Day Rings

Where you purchase her ring is almost as important as the ring itself. Consider these fine retailers with outstanding jewelry selections:

Online Retailers

For incredible selection and competitive pricing, online jewelry stores simply can’t be beat. Blue Nile, James Allen, Michael Hill, and Brilliant Earth all offer thousands of high-quality pieces with customization options, excellent photos, and educational resources. Ordering online is easy and secure.

Local Jewelry Stores

Supporting local small businesses feels good while also getting personalized service. Many local jewelers also provide custom design services so you can create a truly one-of-a-kind ring. Stop in and chat with the expert jewelers for guidance.

Of all the jewellery stores to choose from, stands out as a premier destination to find magnificent Valentine’s Day rings. This trusted Canadian online jeweler offers an unparalleled selection of diamond and gemstone rings tailor-made for celebrating romance.

Our choice for Canadians

Valentines day gift for her specialises in unique custom designed rings that are as unique as your relationship. Their team of expert jewellers can help design a one-of-a-kind ring just for her, incorporating special details like engraved messages, fingerprint engravings, or birthstones. With custom design services, you can create a ring she’ll cherish forever.

Beyond customised pieces, carries a stunning array of ready-to-give rings to make the perfect Valentine’s gift easy. Their collection includes all the most popular styles like halo diamonds, three-stone rings, and vintage-inspired diamond rings. has an extensive selection of engagement-style rings too for proposing this Valentine’s Day. offers luxury quality without the luxury price tag. They provide high-quality diamonds and precious metals at very competitive prices. Their website makes it easy to shop with detailed product information, professional photos, and understandable pricing.

Surprise your love this Valentine’s Day with a dazzling ring from Their outstanding selection, custom design services, and accessible prices make them the go-to jeweller for finding her dream ring.

Department Stores

Trusted department stores like Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s offer gorgeous in-house jewelry lines plus fancy designer brands all under one roof. You’ll get great selection as well as professional support. They also often provide complimentary cleaning and maintenance with purchase.

Boutiques & Galleries

For unique indie designers, check out privately owned boutiques, galleries, and artisan shops. You’ll discover an editorial mix of creations you won’t find in big retailers. Carefully inspect rings for artistry and craftsmanship when purchasing.

Table of Popular Valentine’s Day Rings


Style Metal Gemstones Price Range
Heart ring Gold, silver Diamonds, gems $50 – $5,000+
Birthstone ring Gold, silver Her birthstone $100 – $1,000
Stackable bands Gold, silver Diamonds, gems $50 – $500+ each
Vintage-inspired Rose gold, yellow gold Diamonds, gems $300 – $5,000+
Solitaire diamond White gold, platinum Diamond center $500 – $10,000+
Three-stone ring Gold, platinum Diamonds, gems $1,000 – $5,000+
Sapphire & diamonds White gold, yellow gold Sapphires, diamonds $1,000 – $5,000+
Ruby & diamonds White gold, yellow gold Rubies, diamonds $1,000 – $5,000+
Halo diamond White gold, rose gold Diamonds $2,000 – $10,000+
Colored diamonds Platinum, white gold Fancy color diamonds $5,000 – $50,000+
Antique/vintage Platinum, white gold Diamonds, gems $2,000 – $20,000+


Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to give her a special ring to commemorate your love. With so many gorgeous styles, from heart rings to birthstone and vintage-inspired looks, you can find the ideal ring to fit her personal taste. Make the gift even more meaningful by customising it with engravings or birthstones. No matter your budget, there is a beautiful ring to make her feel loved this Valentine’s Day. She’ll cherish a ring chosen with care for years to come. Surprise her this February 14th with a sparkling symbol of your affection.

FAQs about Valentine’s Day Rings

Q: What finger should you wear a Valentine’s Day ring on?

A: Valentine’s Day rings are traditionally worn on the left-hand ring finger. This digit is called the “ring finger” because it’s the traditional place for romantic rings like engagements. Wearing a ring on the left ring finger close to the heart carries special meaning.

Q: What is the most popular Valentine’s Day ring style?

A: Simple solitaire and three-stone diamond rings are likely the most popular Valentine’s Day ring style. Their classic elegance never goes out of fashion. Heart-shaped rings and birthstone rings are also very popular for the holiday due to their symbolism.

Q: How much should you spend on a Valentine’s Day ring?

A: How much to spend depends on your budget. Beautiful rings can be found at any price point. As a benchmark, plan to spend at least 2-3% of your annual income. Most people spend around $1,000-$5,000 on a Valentine’s Day diamond ring.

Q: Should your Valentine’s Day ring coordinate with an engagement ring?

A: It’s nice if Valentine’s Day rings coordinate style-wise with an existing engagement ring, but not required. Choose a complementary design that stack and pair well together. Matching metals is recommended. Don’t be afraid to stand out with a unique style though.Q: What engraving ideas do people do for Valentine’s Day rings?

A: Cute engraving ideas for her ring include: your initials, wedding date, a romantic quote, nickname or pet name, special coordinates, or a loving message. Keep the text short and meaningful. Have it engraved on the inside of the band.

Q: How can you find her ring size without her knowing?

A: To determine ring size stealthily, borrow one of her existing rings and trace the inner circumference on paper. Or have a friend ask her subtly. As a last resort, estimate based on average ring sizes for women or size up a half-size to be safe.

Q: When should you give a Valentine’s Day ring gift?

A: The best time to present her Valentine’s Day ring is on February 14th itself for the full surprise. If giving it on the actual day isn’t possible, any romantic moment or date near the holiday works too.

Q: What are cute ways to present the ring gift?

A:For presentations ideas, hide the ring in a dessert like cake or chocolate. Or place the ring box in a larger gift box with tissue paper. Include roses, candles, balloons or decorations to build the reveal. A scavenger hunt leading to the ring also adds fun.

Q: What are some good Valentine’s Day ring alternatives?

A:Other great Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts besides rings include necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in heart motifs or with birthstones. Or give a luxury watch or jewelry set. Experiential gifts for couples like trips and events are also wonderful.


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